Function of plastic compatibilizer

Add time:2020-12-05

Whether it is PP material or PE material in general-purpose plastic regrind, it is inevitable to mix some other ingredients, such as PP, PE, PS, PMMA, etc., which are difficult to separate.

Often together in a mixed form. If not treated, delamination, easy cracking, brittleness, and surface peeling will occur during application.

The solution: add a compatibilizer to plasticize the plastic material well through processing techniques such as granulation, injection, and extrusion to form a new high-strength plastic material.

It can effectively improve the various strengths of plastic recycled products, especially impact resistance. The addition amount of Jinquan brand plastic compatibilizer is 2-4%,

The tensile strength can be increased by more than 30-40%, the elongation rate can be increased by about 40%, and the impact strength can be increased by 1 time.

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