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Maleic anhydride grafted with SEBS

Technical indicators :

Sequence number item index
1 Appearance White transparent particles
2 Density(g/cm3 0.885
3 Melt flow rateg/10min (190℃2.16kg)  ≥ 3
4 Graft rate (weight %) ≥0.76

Scope of use:

This product is maleic anhydride grafted SEBS, suitable for PA6 or PA66 toughening, can improve the impact performance and low temperature resistance of the product, reduce water absorption, eliminate the need for post-treatment stable size of the product trouble, can be used to make ultra-tough ultra-low temperature nylon.

As the adhesive compatibilizer of TPE coating material, it greatly improves the coating effect of the product.

It can be applied to PC products to improve the impact strength of the product and effectively improve the stress cracking resistance of PC.

It can be used as compatible toughening agent for PPO and PPO alloys.

How to use:
It can be directly mixed with the material to toughen, without drying treatment, and the screw extrusion granulation effect is better.

Reference ratio:
5-8% or the user according to the requirements and cost-effective discretionary fill.

20 kg package, stored in a dry and ventilated place, not more than 24 months from the date of production.



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