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Nylon Toughening Agent SWR-3FL

Key words:

Product Advisory:


Technical indicators:

Serial Number Project Indicators
1 Appearance white particles
2 Density (g/cm3 0.890±0.02
3 Melt flow rate g/10min(190 ℃,2.16kg) 1-5
4 Grafting rate% High


Scope of use:

1. This series of toughening agents are suitable for PA6 or PA66 modification (fiber addition, super toughness) to improve the impact performance and low temperature resistance of products.

2, suitable for PA6 or PA66 alloy compatibility toughening, improve product compatibility and product impact strength.

3, the same applies to the use of other types of nylon toughening agent.

Method of use:

Can be directly mixed with the material toughening, without drying treatment, the screw extrusion granulation effect is better.

Reference proportioning quantity:

5-30% or users according to the requirements and cost-effective as appropriate.


20kg package, stored in a ventilated and dry place, not more than 24 months from the date of production.



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