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The company has multiple twin-screw extrusion production lines and test lines, complete testing equipment in all aspects, according to the needs of customers, with a professional "tailor-made" design, serving modified plastics and plastic products manufacturing enterprises throughout the country. Logistics centers have been set up in Dongguan, Guangdong, Yuyao, Shenyang and Tianjin, etc., which has served customers quickly and meticulously and won wide acclaim.

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Thank you for purchasing and using our products, we will provide you with 7*24 hours of service, service hotline: 024-89354005


Our products

At present, the main products of tougheners and compatibilizers occupy an important position in the domestic modified plastics industry. Modified engineering plastics (toughened nylon, reinforced PBT, flame retardant ABS, etc.) are also widely used in the automotive industry, machinery industry, light Textile industry, electrical appliances, medical equipment and other fields.
With its unique understanding of POE, it has gradually become a new force in the sales of POE in the industry. The products are widely used in many industries such as modified plastics, foam products, cable materials, board materials, plastic products and so on.