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POE is an ethylene-α olefin copolymer produced with a metallocene catalyst. The polymer has the characteristics of extremely low crystallinity, low density, narrow molecular weight distribution, and low glass catalytic temperature. These characteristics make it have good tolerance to inorganic fillers, good resilience and flexibility, and its hardness is very low, which is widely used in various industries.
1. PP modification.
POE has good resilience and flexibility, and its hardness is very low, and its cold resistance is excellent, so POE elastomers are widely used for toughening PP, improving the impact strength of PP at normal and low temperatures, and after modification and toughening The PP applications include automotive bumpers, car door panels, home appliance casings, office stationery, plastic accessories for battery cars and motorcycles.
2. Foaming in combination with EVA.
The flexibility and resilience of POE are much higher than that of EVA. In many cases, the combined use of POE and EVA will have a satisfactory effect. For example, the foamed product has lighter weight, better compression and rebound, and a good touch. , Cells are even and delicate, high tear strength and other outstanding advantages. Whether it is molded foam or injection foam after granulation, POE has been widely used in midsoles such as beach shoes, slippers, sports shoes, mouse pads, seat cushions, Styrofoam materials, thermal insulation materials, cushioning tablets Materials, luggage lining and other foam products.
3. Improve the PP/PE return performance.
PP or PE regrind due to degradation or cross-linking after reprocessing, makes PP/PE regrind or crushed scraps very brittle and cannot be added in large quantities or used directly. POE blends for granulation or direct injection molding, It will greatly improve the performance of PP/PE recycled materials, such as plastic trays, plastic crates, plastic toolboxes, plastic desk and chair accessories, beach chairs, etc.
4. Extrusion pipe industry.
In the hose industry, especially the extruded winding bellows, the mixed use of EVA and POE products are more flexible, better flex resistance, lighter products, better environmental stress resistance. It is added to the inner layer of the extruded flat tube to make the hose have a sealing that is resistant to contamination. The required heat sealing temperature is low and the heat sealing strength is higher! Widely used in vacuum cleaner hoses, washing machine hoses, drain pipes.
5. Masterbatch or filled masterbatch
The extremely low crystallinity of POE makes it have good tolerance to filling and excellent fluidity. POE is used as a carrier or a substitute for PE wax in the masterbatch or filled masterbatch, making the quality of the masterbatch or filled masterbatch Greatly improved.
6. Hot melt adhesive
POE can replace EVA to produce high-grade hot melt adhesive, and the product can achieve no odor, low density, high flow coating, good wettability, etc. Can also be used with EVA!
7. Halogen-free flame retardant cable material
POE can be filled with a large amount of AL(OH)3 or Mg(OH)2 , and its hardness and strength change rate is low. It has become a general trend to replace EVA or to produce halogen-free flame retardant cable materials in conjunction with EVA. POE can also be effectively cross-linked with peroxide or irradiation.
8. Toughening and compatibility of engineering plastics such as PA.
Although the non-polarity of POE makes it poorly compatible with engineering plastics such as PA and PET, POE is initiated by peroxides and can smoothly and effectively undergo graft reactions with monomers such as MAH, GMA, and AA. The obtained graft is widely used to toughen engineering plastics such as PA, and can also be used as a compatibilizer in plastic alloys.

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